Guess to blunder, measure to be sure

As with all of our products, our Huwa-San biocide products must also be used accurately. A correct dosage according to the advice of our experts is therefore very important. Dosing too much or too little can have serious consequences. To make sure that the right amount of Huwa-San is used, Roam Technology has developed many useful and user-friendly measuring and dosing tools over the years.

Some Huwa-San products are delivered ready to use. Others require an on-site dilution to the correct application concentration.

That’s why Roam Technology developed simple test strips that easily measures the amount of Huwa-San in water based on a color indication. The dosing amount can be adjusted according to this color code.

Where the test strips give a good indication of the amount of Huwa-San in the water, the portable SPI meter goes one step further. This device measures the amount of Huwa-San in water solutions at ppm (parts per million) level. An excellent device for perfectly accurate measurements.

Correct and balanced dosage over time is essential for an optimal disinfection. That’s why Roam Technology collaborates with worldwide partners who design and produce reliable dosing pumps. These pumps ensure that a regulated amount of product is dosed into any system. Our complete dosing solutions are ready to use and can be implemented without heavy installation costs.

Continuous dosing solutions are only possible in water, pool & wellness and healthcare disinfection.