Roam Technology helps to prevent nosocomial infections, so that these labor-intensive actions become superfluous and lives can be saved. We do this with the help of our powerful alternative cleaning and disinfection methods. Atomization of the product makes it possible to disinfect a complete space 100% effectively and safely within a few minutes, without residual products. Rooms are quickly available again due to this efficient form of disinfection and the risk of contamination is excluded. Other applications are also possible. Our products can be used to disinfect water, surfaces and air through vaporization.


Healthcare workers may contaminate their hands and/or gloves by touching contaminated environmental surfaces, and this can result in transmission to patients.

  • Efficiency: wide antimicrobial spectrum.
  • Productivity: short contact times and easy to dilute in water.
  • User friendly:
    • no pungent odor and non-toxic product.
    • no risk of forming any harmful by-products (chlorine free).
  • Compatibility: no corrosion to metallic surfaces and no deterioration of rubber and plastic.
  • Superiority: unique biofilm removal properties.
  • Water systems provide an ideal environment for microbial growth and biofilm formation. Bacteria living in biofilms are often highly resistant to surfactants, biocides and antibiotics and are a permanent health risk (e.g. Legionella).Efficiency:
    • Biofilm removal (shock treatment).
    • Full spectrum of efficiency even at low concentration (constant dosing).
    • Ecofriendly: biodegradable into water and oxygen.
    • Safety: no harmful disinfection by-products (chlorine free).
    • Productivity: easy to apply with conventional dosing systems.
    • Compatibility: no corrosion to installations.
    • User friendly: odorless and non-toxic product.
  • Decontamination is achieved by fogging. Research has indicated that the patients environment can be a permanent threat for infections.
    • Efficiency: fast disinfection of isolated rooms up to 500 m3.
    • Efficacy: log 7 reductions for a broad spectrum of microorganisms (e.g. MRSA, VRE, Clostridium,…).
    • Ecofriendly: non-toxic and environmentally friendly – biodegradable into water and oxygen.