• Can be applied throughout the complete food supply chain
    (post-harvest to retail, farm to fork)
  • Applied in:
    – dairy farms
    – the dry food industry
    – the meat industry
    – the fish industry
    – the fruits and vegetables industry
    – the ready-to-eat meals industry
    – the snack industry
    – other small food production companies
  • Disinfection of surfaces, floors, walls, materials.
  • Process water disinfection.
  • Biofilm removal.
  • Disinfection of internal pipe systems (CIP), storage tanks
    & bulk transport trucks.
  • Surface & critical area disinfection through vaporisation
  • Meets standards EN 1276, EN 1650 and EN 13697.


  • Broad spectrum disinfectant effective against bacteria, yeast and mold, spores and viruses.
  • Effective against Salmonella, E.coli & Listeria.
  • Meets standards EN 1276, EN 1650 and EN 13697
  • Sustainable and proven to be effective.
  • No harmful by-products.
  • Free of chlorine, quats and alcohol.
  • Biodegradable, splits into water and oxygen.
  • Non-corrosive at in-use concentration.
  • Long-lasting and controlled effect.
  • Removes biofilm and prevents regrowth.
  • No rinsing, non-residual.
  • Extended re-use of process water.
  • No resistance.
  • Single-use product.
  • Multipurpose.
  • Leaves no harmful residue which might compromise the quality of the end product.
  • Has no influence on the end product: odourless, colourless and tasteless.
  • Shelf-life extension: improves freshness and sell-by date.

Check out our Huwa-San Food & Beverage video!

Watch this video to learn more on our Huwa-San Food & Beverage disinfectant product.


*** Attention: Huwa-San is a biocide and subject to certain laws and regulations per country. As a result, in some countries, our full range isn’t available. Please contact us for more information on our registrations. Use biocides safely. Read the label carefully before usage.