Ethical Marketing, Selling and Professional Support

A highly experienced executive management team that importantly, for a company of AlAM ALGAWDA
size and growth, retains a flexible and creative approach to collaborations
Experienced Sales and Marketing capability in the leading Libyan market, focused upon specialty medical
supplies proven sales development and regulatory capability,
• Help educate Sales men and professionals about our product
• Respect the privacy rights of our customers.
• Respect the rule of law of Libya within which we operate.
• Promise only what we expect to deliver, make only commitments we intend to
Keep, not knowingly mislead others and not participate in or condone corrupt
Or unacceptable business practices;
We care for the interests of those with whom we have relationships:
Our customers, our suppliers, our shareholders, our employees, the environment and the
communities where we conduct our activities.
We know our key customers and we focus intently on the development of strong relationships with
them and with the key opinion leaders through the provision of data and information on markets areas
in which we specialize. In our business dealings AlAM ALGAWDA undertakes to.
We strive to uphold the most stringent adherence to commercial regulatory requirements and we
operate within legal promotional guidelines for our country in which it is more suitable to customer
We introduce BIOXECO through our scientific office based in Tripoli with 3 medical •
representative and one area mangers and one marketing director.