Our visionTo improve human health through unique portfolio with a fordable price.


for pharmaceutical and medical equipments is importing and distribution of
Pharmaceuticals, based in Libya.

Our vision

To improve human health through unique portfolio with a fordable price.

Our mission

Completely covering for each customer needs.

Our values

We conduct our business based on our values – integrity, and respect, customer focus, global
teamwork and innovation in marketing and excellence in execution
Since our inception, we have operated under the
Guidance of six core values:

Marketed Products

ALAM ALGAWDA has built an impressive and balanced portfolio through a series of multinational
company, product and project collaborations and catches any prospective opportunities.
Marketed or approved products that fit AlAM ALGAWDA existing sales portfolio are of particular interest.
AlAM ALGAWDA. Seeks products with growth potential and patent protection all products should be
capable of growth through promotion to specialists.

AlAM ALGAWDA promote and selling with exclusive for :

Ethical Marketing, Selling and Professional Support

A highly experienced executive management team that importantly, for a company of AlAM ALGAWDA
size and growth, retains a flexible and creative approach to collaborations
Experienced Sales and Marketing capability in the leading Libyan market, focused upon specialty medical